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We know you have always wanted to arrive on your wedding day in a pristine white carriage drawn by a beautiful white horse. At Horse & Carriage , we can make your dream a reality. Whether you want to arrive to your wedding in a horse drawn carriage or be whisked away into the sunset with your loved one our horse carriages in Highland Park, TX are the best choice for you. Nothing is more romantic than a carriage ride for two through town to your journey’s end.
Our carriage tours and wedding carriage rides are insured and operated by experienced drivers who own their horses and know exactly what needs to be done to make your wedding day special. The exclusive service offered by Horse & Carriage includes many amenities that you may not find anywhere else. Your wedding is full of fresh flowers, the prettiest lights, the loveliest dress, and of course a stunning couple. We can complete the list with arrival to or departure from your wedding in style and comfort.
Horse & Carriage is also happy to help you end your wedding day on a quiet, relaxing note. You can finish your wedding day with a romantic ride through Highland Park to your final destination. Our dreamy music and charming carriages will help put the stresses of wedding planning behind you and put you in the mood to spend time with the one you love. 

Let us help you on your dream day with horse draw carriage rides from Horse & Carriage.

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